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BPO spol. s r. o. offers complex planning and engineering services in two main fields - BUILDING INDUSTRY and INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES.

We carry on the following activities:
Construction planning
Construction of buildings, their changes and clearance
Construction supervision

We offer construction planning in the following scope:
Studies, documentation necessary for applications for a decision on structure location, building permit or building notification, documentation for construction of buildings. These concern both new buildings and reconstructions and modernisation of historical buildings including repairs of listed buildings.

Building constructions and architecture
Public buildings (schools, libraries, bath houses, swimming pools, sports fields, commercial buildings, cultural centres), housing and industrial buildings.
Engineering structures
Road structures, water management structures, insulation, engineering networks, complex development area preparation.
Technological structures and subterranean structures
Transport technologies, treatment and storage of dry materials (mainly fuels), ecological dust control technologies.
Technical expertise
Static checks of building constructions, construction physics, fire safety solutions, thermal-technical checks including building energetic certificates.

We ensure engineering activities in the following scope:
We arrange all administrative decisions necessary for construction and operational start-up of the building for all types of constructions.
We ensure the investor's building supervision.

We ensure construction of buildings including their changes and clearance for:
Deliveries of technologies related mainly to belt transport, treatment and storage of dry materials, in particular brown coal. These can be "turn-key" deliveries or partial sub-deliveries including all supplier documentation for the power industry and the mining industry.
These are specifically all technologies related to belt transport. We specialise also in making this transport environmentally friendly through dust control technologies - spraying, misting, exhausting, industrial dust extractors - central or mobile - including wiring.

Construction safety coordinator
All activities compulsory for the developer pursuant to Law No. 309/2006 from construction preparation to the final building approval.

Construction supervision:
A check of building construction compliance with the approved project documentation, compliance with the time schedule and drawing of financial funds within approved schedules.