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The company BPO

The company BPO spol. s r. o. was founded in 1991 by a group of Báňské projekty Teplice (Mining Plans Teplice) employees. In 1992, during privatisation, the company acquired the branch plant in Ostrov and started its activities in the field of planning and engineering at full speed, later also incorporating the supply of technologies and technological entities in amounts up to hundreds of millions crowns.

Since its establishment the company has had its seat in the centre of Ostrov, in its own administrative building, which provides each employee abundant work space as well as sufficient space for common meetings of creative teams and employees. Reprographic services and capacity, professionally managed archives are a matter of course.

A complex approach to projects, unity of management, accountability for work results from the beginning of the project till the complete finalisation of the construction or technology have remained the main features of the company during its twenty years of existence, despite a number of significant structural changes.

We dispose of a number of qualified company employees for fulfilment of such orders - project managers, chartered engineers and technicians in various fields of planning.

On the basis of their qualifications the company holds a number of certificates necessary for conducting its business. These are in particular trade licences for construction planning and construction of buildings including their changes and clearance. These are also certifications for the planning and construction of subterranean buildings issued by the district Mining Office, certificates for planning of electric fire-fighting systems and certificates for performing the function of a construction safety coordinator.

The company was awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certificates. It also maintains insurance against potential damages up to CZK 20 million.